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Guest Post: The Generation Killer Playlist

  As much as there is power is words there is power in music so I'm very excited to welcome Adam Simcox to the blog today for my stop on The Generation Killer Blog tour to share his connection to music and the part it plays in his writing process.  The Generation Killer (out now from Gollancz) blends a lot of what I love and want when I pick up a book and is book 2 in The Dying Squad series.  On the sixth day, God created MANchester. On the seventh, The Generation Killer intends to tear it down. There's a new serial killer in Manchester - and it's up to a dead guy to catch him. Joe Lazarus, specifically: his latest Dying Squad assignment demands he bring to justice The Generation Killer, a psychopath who murders the oldest member of a family, as well as the youngest. Joe and his new partner Bits have mere hours to catch the killer and save his latest kidnap victim. Over to Adam.... The Generation Killer Playlist Music is a hugely important part of the creative process fo

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